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Is Your Network Healthy Enough?-- Check Your Network Condition by Using SANGFOR IAM for Free Now!
Are your internal PC users capable to browse the websites of gambling, stock exchange, pornographic, entertainment, and even the website with virus freely?
Do you want a higher network performance by prevent users to play online game, view online media and download movies during the work time?
Are you aware that if BT, E-mule, Thunder and other downloading softwares consumes loads of the company's Internet bandwidth?
Is it necessary to provide guaranteed bandwidth for company's key system and mission-critical applications?
Is security measure being implemented to prevent company's confidential information been leaked through Internet?
Do you need reports for your Internet Access activities and performance?
  SANGFOR IAM Network Free Inspection Plan will help you on:  
  Detailed Internet access logging, help you clearly visualize your network and identify the network hazards;  
  Comprehensive reports on the traffic flow, time and behaviour, help you easily master the healthiness of the network;  
  Layer 7 applications control based on behaviour and content, to prevent non work related activities;  

Fine-grained bandwidth management based on user / application / type of website / time improves the network efficiency.


Enquiry Hotline: 3105 1001


       Promotion offer till:31st July 2011  

Sangfor IAM

Sangfor IAM Datasheet

Sangfor WAN
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Sangfor WAN
Optimization Datasheet

SANGFOR IAM helped them enhance the healthiness and efficiency of their network:

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